The Features of the Electronic Looper Pedal

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The electric guitar has been the central focal point of the modern music. There have been idols and gods who created the stuff of legends with their guitar. Guitar nerds will tell you the revered tales of how the most famous riffs and solo in history were created with the electric guitar. Starting with the popularizing the electric guitar as a major instrument by Chuck Berry with the utilization of various effects in the sound of the electric guitar by Jimi Hendrix, this instrument has been used by many. This constantly inspires newer players to pick up the instrument. Now the first and foremost things any guitar player should buy are the metronome and for an electric guitar player, is the looper pedal.
What a best looper pedal for guitar does is that it allows you to record any music played on the guitar and played it on a loop. What this is implemented in is that the backing rhythm can be recorded and played on a loop. The modern looper pedals have the ability to overdub on the backing rhythm i.e. it allows you to record other riffs features and effects upon the recorded track to make a more elaborate and exotic backing rhythm. Looper pedals re considered great for any beginner because it allows the ability to play over a constant rhythm thereby, building two necesslooper pedal for guitarary skills:

  • The skill of playing the right notes over the distinct chord of the rhythm. It allows the player to integrate the concepts of scales and chords into one single entity. This then develops into the skill to playing a great solo.
  • Having a great sense of time, tempo and rhythm.
  • Allows the player to train his ear to the various notes that make up a scale and the chord being played. This ability helps automatically identify the notes of an unknown, unheard song. This, along with the knowledge of music theory, will help the player to instantly play along with the song, identify the chords used and the key of the song

So the utility of a looper pedal is endless. So before you choose yours, you need to know what features are there in modern pedals and what features you might require.
•    Footswitch: Their number is a significant feature which needs to be considered. The simple pedals will have a single switch to start, stop, and play a recording. Even the overdub function in built into the same switch. Due to these features, these pedals are often referred to beginners. The increase in the number of footswitches will give you more control, adding on a number of effects you can plug in with your rhythm. Sometimes the pedal might have the ability to connect external footswitches giving you far more control.
•    The loop’s length recorded on the pedal is different in different pedals. Modern pedals have various degrees of memory features letting you record up to 60s. This feature plays a great deal for the 12 bar blues rhythm played in a slow tempo.
•    Loop effects are a feature to consider. Some people simply love to experiment and for them multi-effects looper pedal will prove beneficial.

•    Know if your looper supports MIDI. This allows you to sync your looper pedal with other time-based effects pedal or instruments. Thus creating a far richer sound.
•    Know whether your pedal supports external storage by means of an SD card or an USB connection. What this allows you to save various loops which can be quickly called upon in need and for certain help in songwriting.
These features are a ‘must have’ in any standard pedal you buy for your use. Considering them helps you to select the best looper pedal suited for your needs.

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